Looking for a fall intern 2021 for Preservation Forsyth!

Looking for a fall intern 2021 for Preservation Forsyth!

Looking for a fall intern 2021 for Preservation Forsyth!

Here are some of the events/projects we are planning for the fall with the understanding that in-person events are still a work in progress. An intern could explore all of them or focus on just a few. Realizing that student schedules are more heavily loaded some weeks than others, and wanting to avoid exam weeks,  I think we should plan for 10-12 weeks of actual work. So you’d just divide the internship you choose (120 hours, 90 hours, etc by 10-12 for your weekly work load.) But this is a very flexible situation as well!

1) Preservation Forsyth wrote and led two new historic/architectural walking tours this past spring. We will be writing two more this summer, so will offer four walking tours this fall. Interns should attend at least one tour for experience, and will have the opportunity to work with us in moving the tours online. You’ll also learn how to research and write a tour as well as lead one.

2) We will be hosting a historic preservation photography competition in August and September/ possibly Sept and October. We plan to exhibit the photos in a gallery now run by one of our Board members in coordination with our Annual Meeting. An intern could participate in event planning, marketing for a preservation non-profit, and preservation photography.

3) Our Annual Meeting will be held in late October, possibly at Salem College. This is a public meeting required by our organization’s by-laws and an excellent way to again work on event planning and learn how a preservation non-profit functions.

4) We are tentatively planning some “how-to” historic preservation clinics, working with local HP Tradespeople who will share their expertise through a clinic open to the public. This will be a good opportunity to meet local preservation craftspeople, and learn more about the Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines when working with a National Register/Local Historic Landmark property. These clinics will also be for people just wanting to preserve as much authenticity as possible in their own houses/buildings.

5) We have a robust Facebook presence, but needed to build that page before launching an Instagram page. Our summer intern got an Instagram page off the ground immediately and is running it for us the next few months. Social Media is essential for history/preservation non-profits, a core component of marketing, advocacy efforts and public education. A fall intern is welcome to continue working with our Instagram page, but this is not required. 

We are exploring several other possible educational events as well, which may offer additional opportunities such as “behind the scenes” tours of adaptively reused buildings around WSFC along with a research project on Black Builders of WSFC. Please note these are still “in progress.”

If interested in interning with Preservation Forsyth Fall 2021, please contact Martha Canipe at martha.canipe@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest!
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