Classes Offered

Core Courses (3 courses required, spread across 3 departments)

ANT 112. Introduction to Archaeology (3h)

ANT 190. Introduction to Museum Studies (3h)

ART 105. History of World Architecture (3h)

ART 241. Ancient Art and Architecture (3h)

HST 366. Historic Preservation and Conservation (3h)

HST 367. Issues in Public History (3h)

MUS 109/209. Introduction to the Music of World Cultures (3h)


ANT 305. Museum Anthropology (4h)

ANT 315. Artifact Analysis and Laboratory Methods in Archaeology (4h)

ANT 370. Old World Prehistory (3h)

ANT 374. North American Archaeology (3h)

ANT 378. Conservation Archaeology (1.5h)

ANT 381,382. Field Program in Anthropological Archaeology (3h)

ART 203. Islamic Art & Architecture (3h)

ART 204. South Asian Art & Architecture (3h)

ART 206. Art & Empire (3h)

ART 207. Imperial Islamic Architecture (3h)

ART 208. Ottoman Art & Architecture (3h)

ART 244. Greek Art & Architecture (3h)

ART 245. Art and Architecture of the Roman World (3h)

ART 250. Medieval Art & Architecture (3h)

ART 396m. The Art Museum and Its Histories (3h)

ART 396l. Mughal Architecture (4h)

HST 266. The History of the Slave South (3h)

HST 267. The Making of the Modern South since the Civil War (3h)

HST 271. African American History (3h)

HST 311/161. History Museums (1.5h)

HST 324. Fashion in the Eighteenth Century (3h)

HST 325. English Kings, Queens, and Spectacle (3h)

HST 370. Topics in North Carolina History (3h)

HST 372. Queer Public Histories (3h)

HST 381. Religious Utopias (3h)

MUS 134/234. Music of Asia (3h)

Internships approved for CHP Minors

ANT 391. Internship in Anthropology

ART 293. Practicum (must be declared Art major)

HST 395. Internship in History

MUS 279. Internship in Music

*Students intending to minor in Cultural Heritage & Preservation Studies should consult the program coordinator during the first semester of their junior year. Equivalent courses (including those taken abroad) must be approved by the program coordinator.