Classes Offered

Classes Offered

Spring 2021
Core Courses
Spring 2021
ANT 112 A1: Introduction to Archaeology 
TR 9:30-10:45 
Blended - Thacker (CRN 13887)

ANT 112 A2: Introduction to Archaeology 
TR 9:30-10:45 
Blended - Thacker (CRN 26883)

ANT 112 B: Introduction to Archaeology 
MW 9:30-10:45 
Online Synchronous - Hernandez (CRN 24890)
MUS 109: Introduction to the Music of World Cultures
T/Th 12:30-1:45pm
Blended - Storhoff (CRN 22944 & 27541)
ANT 315 A: Artifact Analysis & Laboratory Methods in Archaeology 
TR 3:30-4:45
R 5:00-5:50
Face to Face - Thacker (CRN 27142 )
Class Flyer
ANT 385 A Special Problems Seminar: Empire & Colonialism in Latin America 
MW 2:00-3:15 
Face to Face - Hernandez (CRN 27080)
Class Flyer
ART 207: Building Empires: Early Modern Islamic Architecture
WF, 9:30-10:45am
Online Synchronous - Dadlani (CRN 27209)
ART 259: History of Photography
TR 12:30-1:45
Blended - O'Neill (CRN 27199 & 27204)
ART 396: Seminar: The Architect & the Modern World
W, 3:30-6:00pm
Online Synchronous - Dadlani (CRN 27190)
Core Courses

3 courses required, spread across 3 departments

ANT 112: Introduction to Archaeology (3h)
ANT 190: Introduction to Museum Studies (3h)
ART 105: History of World Architecture (3h)
ART 241: Ancient Art and Architecture (3h)
HST 366: Historic Preservation and Conservation (3h)
HST 367: Issues in Public History (3h)
MUS 109/209: Introduction to the Music of World Cultures (3h)


ANT 305: Museum Anthropology (4h)
ANT 315: Artifact Analysis and Laboratory Methods in Archaeology (4h)
ANT 370: Old World Prehistory (3h)
ANT 374: North American Archaeology (3h)
ANT 378: Conservation Archaeology (1.5h)
ANT 381/382: Field Program in Anthropological Archaeology (3h)
ART 203: Islamic Art & Architecture (3h)
ART 204: South Asian Art & Architecture (3h)
ART 206: Art & Empire (3h)
ART 207: Imperial Islamic Architecture (3h)
ART 208: Ottoman Art & Architecture (3h)
ART 244: Greek Art & Architecture (3h)
ART 245: Art and Architecture of the Roman World (3h)
ART 250: Medieval Art & Architecture (3h)
ART 396m: The Art Museum and Its Histories (3h)
ART 396l: Mughal Architecture (4h)
CHP 200: Special Topics (1-3h)
HST 266: The History of the Slave South (3h)
HST 267: The Making of the Modern South since the Civil War (3h)
HST 271: African American History (3h)
HST 311/161: History Museums (1.5h)
HST 324: Fashion in the Eighteenth Century (3h)
HST 325: English Kings, Queens, and Spectacle (3h)
HST 368: US Environmental History (3h)
HST 370: Topics in North Carolina History (3h)
HST 372: Queer Public Histories (3h)
HST 381: Religious Utopias (3h)
MUS 134/234: Music of Asia (3h)


ANT 391: Internship in Anthropology
ART 293: Practicum (must be declared Art major)
CHP 300: Internship
HST 395: Internship in History
MUS 279: Internship in Music

*Students intending to minor in Cultural Heritage & Preservation Studies should consult the program coordinator during the first semester of their junior year. Equivalent courses (including those taken abroad) must be approved by the program director.