Current Course Offerings

Image of a decorative rug meant to be a depiction of an item that could be preserved by a professional.
  • Spring 2023

    CHP 200: Venice: Cultural Heritage Preservation in the Floating City, O’Connell
    HST 311W: Science, Empire, Enviro in the Atlantic to 1800, Williams
    HST 323: Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe, Koscak
    HST 372: Queer Public Histories, Wilson
    ANT 112A: Intro to Archaeology, Thacker
    ANT 112: Intro to Archaeology, MacLellan
    ANT 315: Artifact Analysis and Lab Methods, Thacker
    ANT 385: Ritual and Religion in the Past and Present, MacLellan
    MSC 101: Introduction to Music of World Cultures, Clendenning
    ART 105: Global Architecture, Moore
    ART 203: Islamic Art, Danali
    ART 240: Ancient American Art and Architecture, Moore
    ART 259: History of Photography, Givens
    ART 396: Medieval Manuscript and the Art of the Book, Pickel & Danali

  • Fall 2022

    CORE Courses:

    ANT 112: Introduction to Archaeology:       

    • Section A: TR 12:30-1:45 Thacker
    • Section B: TR 9:30-10:45. Staff
    • Section C: TR 12:30-1:45 Staff

    ANT 190: Introduction to Museum Studies. MWF 9-9:50. Gurstelle HST 367: Issues in Public History. W 2:30-5. Blee


    WGS 200: The WGS Field Guide to Museums. W 3:30-5 (2nd half semester, 1.5 credit). Balzano
    ART 203: Islamic Art & Architecture. WF 12:30-1:45 Dadlani
    ART 250: Medieval Art & Architecture. MW 12:30-1:45. Danali
    ART 259: History of Photography. TR 11-12:15. O’Neill
    ART 286A: The Architect & the Modern World. WF 9:30-10:45. Dadlani
    ART 396: The Art Museum: History, Theory, Controversy. W 12:30-3:00. O’Neill 
    HST 311 G: Science, Empire, and Environment in the Atlantic to 1800. MW 12:30-1:45. Williams 
    ANT 339: Introduction to Environmental Anthropology. TR 9:30-10:45. Thacker